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national-federation-blind oblomov 0
relationship-between-poverty-blindness oblomov 0
raising-public-awareness-of-blindness oblomov 0
vision-matters TaraVicars 0
veterans-can-get-assistance-for-vision-loss TaraVicars 0
christine-ha-on-master-chef-and-life TaraVicars 0
inclusive-art-welcomes-all-subjects TaraVicars 0
eye-test-app TaraVicars 0
Accessibility Is Not Just a Legal Obligation It is a Moral One Too faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Nearly 3 Decades of the ADA Has Progress Been Made faith@madmarketeer.com 0
ADA Compliance Includes Websites Too faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Making books more accessible to the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 30
Running independently with assistive technology faith@madmarketeer.com 24
A podcast interviews a blind architect about life and work faith@madmarketeer.com 8
A musician and visual artist who is legally blind faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Echolocation can be used by the visually impaired to navigate faith@madmarketeer.com 17
Will a case for accessibility against a retailer make others retailers rethink their own accessibility issues faith@madmarketeer.com 9
Accessible theater is becoming more popular faith@madmarketeer.com 7
A designer and an organization find success in a new venture faith@madmarketeer.com 14
A successful lawsuit to create accessibility and awareness faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Baseball commentary by sound alone faith@madmarketeer.com 19
A New Tool to Help People Learn Braille faith@madmarketeer.com 26
A whole new way to use your tongue faith@madmarketeer.com 14
Suing for a fair shot at law school faith@madmarketeer.com 23
Visually impaired kids and the chance to attend space camp faith@madmarketeer.com 23
An astronomer who do not use vision faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A blind entrepreneur uses tactile skills in massage therapy faith@madmarketeer.com 15
An inclusive chess set faith@madmarketeer.com 17
Hackathon produces prototype of technology to help the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 29
A sudden loss of sight brought out her artistic side faith@madmarketeer.com 10
A marathon runner with a guide accessible only through technology faith@madmarketeer.com 12
An interview on the differences between losing sight and being born without sight faith@madmarketeer.com 17
Respect in the workplace will get us far faith@madmarketeer.com 0
California State Considers New Eye Exams for Children faith@madmarketeer.com 9
Technology to help us navigate faith@madmarketeer.com 6
Project Torino teaches coding basics to kids who are visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 7
Two sets of pedals but only one bicycle faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A new television show features a blind carpenter and a DIYer faith@madmarketeer.com 9
Aira connects users to sighted assistance via an app or glasses faith@madmarketeer.com 6
Accessibility Issues Brought to Broadway faith@madmarketeer.com 5
A simulator to show what life is like with a visual impairment faith@madmarketeer.com 12
Describing the sky at night without visual comparison faith@madmarketeer.com 7
A new device to translate microscopic images for the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 6
My visual impairment does not mean I can not do anything I set my mind to faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Transforming the advocacy of words into the advocacy of achievement faith@madmarketeer.com 6
Being visually impaired in the age of technology faith@madmarketeer.com 1
A guide dog - a commuter and a GoPro faith@madmarketeer.com 12
Braille versus Technology faith@madmarketeer.com 3
On a Mission to Advocate for the Visually Impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat faith@madmarketeer.com 0
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