3D printing during pregnancy helps visually impaired couple see their baby
A woman lies on a bed with a monitor showing her unborn childAssistive technology and devices such as 3D printers have made a big difference for many people living with a disability.

For one couple, both visually impaired, the use of a 3D printer has allowed them to experience what many people see in an ultrasound. The couple approached their obstetrician about what options might be available to help them experience their pregnancy more fully. The doctor used the first ultrasound machine with built in 3D printing capacity to create the model of their son.

About the experience of 3D printing, the expecting mother says, “Thanks to the exams and printing, we were able to not only know that our baby was growing healthy, but also to have a very real contact and establish a very strong involvement with our son.”

Read more in this article about the family and the doctor who made it happen.

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3D Printing Helps Blind Brazilian Couple to Feel Their Unborn Child

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