Angle-Closure Glaucoma Eye Disease

Picture Of A Woman Rubbing Her EyeGlaucoma, or the “thief of sight,” is one of the leading cause of vision loss and blindness. There are more than one types of glaucoma; angle-closure glaucoma is an eye disease worth understanding better. While not the most common type, it is unique in that it can progress much faster than other forms of the eye disease. Which means it should be addressed immediately. Courtney Ondeck, MD, an ophthalmologist in the Glaucoma Service at Mass Eye and Ear, says it’s a medical emergency requiring immediate attention to relieve eye pressure and save the optic nerve from damage.

"Risk factors tend to be older age, female sex, family history, being of East Asian descent, and farsightedness," Dr. Ondeck says. "Also having a cataract—the lens starts taking up more space, which takes space from the drainage system."

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