US Blind Athlete Won Gold

Picture Of Paralympic Swimmer Anastasia Pagonis With Gold MedalAnastasia Pagonis began losing her vision at age 12 due to genetic retina disease and autoimmune retinopathy. Her doctor suggested that she might try swimming because she could no longer play soccer. Last week, the US blind athlete won gold at the Tokyo Paralympics in the 400m freestyle swim. On top of being a world-record-setting athlete, Pagonis uses social media to educate people about adaptive sports and the visually impaired community. Pagonis has one event left in the Paralympics, the 100m free on Friday, Sept. 3.

"I don't have to be the stereotype of blindness. … I can do my own makeup. I can be an influencer. I can be a professional athlete," she told The Washington Post. And Pagonis says she will continue "showing other people with disabilities, or people who are just different, that they can do it."

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"Anastasia Pagonis, 17, breaks own world record, wins US' first gold medal of Tokyo Paralympics"

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