Blind Consultant Working On See

Picture Of Jason Momoa On SeeApple TV Plus' show "See" brings the world of blindness to life for viewers. What's more, there is a blind consultant working on "See" to help steer producers in the right direction regarding the authenticity of the Blind world. Joe Strechay teaches the actors about what it's like being blind and teaches them the mannerisms of people living with blindness. "See," starring Jason Momoa, is now in its second season.

"[We're trying to] bring it [the world of blindness] and create it and make it practical, and make sure that what we do is in that world of blindness," said Strechay. "[Not] the world of blindness as we know it—a world of blindness where generations and generations of people have been blind and those social and cultural norms of eye contact disappear, [and] how we signal and communicate how we move is in that world."

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"How Joe Strechay Helps Brings The World Of Blindness To Life In 'See'"

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