Blind Quarterback Has No Fear

Jasen Bracy In His Football UniformAmerican football is a gruellingly physical sport that takes dedication and skill. By all accounts, the position of quarterback is among the most challenging. Now, imagine playing quarterback without perfect eyesight. For 15-year old ​​Jasen Bracy, when it comes to playing quarterback the young man is up to the challenge and he is an inspiration to all. Why? The blind quarterback has no fear!

Jasen Bracy was diagnosed with retinoblastoma cancer in both of his eyes as a toddler and eventually lost his vision by the time he was seven. With very-limited vision in his one remaining eye, Bracy manages to hit his targets thanks, in part, to a speaker in his helmet. Bracy doesn’t take his role on the team lightly.

"A quarterback is a leader, and the leader has to lead a team through whatever they're going through," Bracy explains. "Doesn't matter if it's raining, it's windy, and we're losing big time, you still have to keep that motivation that you had at the beginning of the game, keep that with you."

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“Teen Quarterback Jasen Bracy, Who Is Blind, Has 'No Fear' on the Field: 'Don't Give Up'”
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