Blind Skateboarder Makes Giant Leaps In Sport

Blind skateboarder Dan MancinaDan Mancina always loved skateboarding.  But due to retinitis pigmentosa, he gradually began to lose his sight at a young age.  By his mid twenties he was completely blind.

Having stopped skateboarding during his sight decline, he discovered not only that he missed it, but that he was actually able to return to the sport and thrive.  With the help of a cane, his hands (to feel for obstacles), and a supportive group of sighted skateboarders, Dan is now able to do many tricks that most sighted skateboarders can only dream of.

Moreover, he is raising money ($40,000 and counting) for an accessible skateboard park in his home state of Michigan.  The accessible features of this park will include:
  • larger size of obstacles
  • more color contrast for obstacles
  • auditory cues to identify obstacles
  • longer ledges and flat bars
  • wide quarter pipes
The blind skateboarder challenging misconceptions about sight and sport

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