Blindness Will Not Shatter Dreams
blindnessCody Marbutt, a Kishwaukee Community College student, is not letting blindness stand in the path of achieving his goals. Marbutt is studying audio production; he hopes to do voice-overs and narrate audiobooks in the future. What’s more, the 23-year-old student is also a talented pianist. On November 2, Marbutt spoke to elementary students about living with vision loss and read Braille to the youngsters.

"I learned that if you're blind, that doesn't mean you can't do stuff that other people can do," said a fifth-grade student, Liza Kovalev. "He plays piano better than me and I've been taking piano lessons since I was 4."

SDCB can assist people struggling with visual impairment; we offer several programs that can help you or your loved one with day-to-day tasks.

“Blind college student provides inspiration to Bell Graham students”

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