Teen Activist Tells Her Story of Blindness and Bullying to Help Others

anti-bullying activist molly burke with her service dogMolly Burke, 19, is now able to joke about the difficulties of telling the difference between shampoo and conditioner in the shower, and putting a matching outfit together. But there were darker days previously: at 4 and a half Molly was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, and lost her sight at 14. At a certain point the kids at school began to notice she was different, and eventually it turned to bullying so bad that Molly considered suicide. Now she is thriving, having discovered confidence and finding her voice as uses the story of her struggles to help others find hope. Read her courageous story here: Blind and bullied: Teenage activist Molly Burke shares her inspirational story

Image description: Molly Burke sits in the sunshine with her guide dog, Gypsy
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