Mental Health Awareness Month
A bearded man wearing a knit hat and hoodie leans against a wall in a defeated pose.May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness and increase education on all aspects of mental health.
Many people who are experiencing vision loss find themselves going through some level of depression.
Priscilla, the author of this blog, describes her experience with vision loss and depression. “The lack of control in my life scared me. How was I going to get back to work? How was I going to get back to feeling like myself? Vision loss changed my lifestyle. Cultural stigmas about blindness and my own ignorance fueled my fear. Vision loss felt isolating. I needed help.”
Read more about Priscilla’s experience and how she overcame the depression that started after her sight deteriorated in her blog post. She also provides further information on depression and resources that may be helpful.
Learn how we can help you adjust to the emotional and psychological impact of vision loss.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Learn About Managing Depression Due to Vision Loss

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