Braille Menu for Restaurants

Lily McCarthy fellow eighth-grader who is legally blindSighted people can easily take for granted that they have no problem deciding what to eat at a restaurant. Menus, after all, cater to people with healthy eyes. You might imagine that the same is not true for blind people and those living with vision loss.

Lily McCarthy is an eighth-grader at Beverly Middle School. When it came to her attention that she takes reading menus for granted, she thought of her classmate Nic who is legally blind. She decided to do something about the lack of restaurant menus with Braille. Her project caught the eyes of the National Braille Press, the premier Braille publisher in the United States.

"Some of the small restaurants who may think of doing it are normally prompted by a blind person asking for it,” said Brian Mac Donald, NBP president. "We want Braille to be out there for all blind people for information. That's part of our mission as a nonprofit."

San Diego Center for the Blind can help you with vision loss or blindness. Please contact us to learn more.

"Overcoming obstacles: Eighth-grader's project advocates for Braille menus"

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