Braille Messages On Scooters
BraillePeople living in major cities across the country are acutely familiar with e-scooters. They are an inexpensive means of transportation, allowing people to move quickly from point A to B. However, municipal infrastructure has proven ill-equipped to deal with the thousands of scooters littered around the city. When a person is done riding, they need only drop the transport on the sidewalk. As you can imagine, scooter jetsam is hazardous for people living with vision loss. Lyft scooters have Braille stickers with instructions on how to get them off the sidewalk.

"We may not ride it, but if we trip over it, we can read the Braille on it and find out who to report it to," said Shawn Callaway, president of the District of Columbia chapter of the National Federation of the Blind. "We want the Braille on them to identify the company and their contact information."

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"Why is there a Braille message on my e-scooter?"

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