Braille versus Technology
A black and white image of the symbol for Braille.In this blog from WonderBaby, the writer looks at whether Braille is outdated and if technology has now replaced the need for children to learn Braille. She plays devil’s advocate for a few paragraphs before making the case for Braille literacy. Reading, whether printed text or Braille, stimulates the brain in ways that other activities don’t. It can also provide independence and stimulate creativity as those who can read can also write.

The writer also makes the argument that technology and Braille are no longer completely separate. You only have to think of the new Braille watch and the Braille displays for iPads to know she has a good point.

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Do Blind Kids Still Need to Learn Braille?

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Perusing, regardless of whether printed content or Braille, empowers the mind in ways that different exercises don't. It can likewise give freedom and fortify inventiveness as the individuals who can read can likewise Dissertation compose. She argues just to argue for a couple of sections before putting forth the defense for Braille proficiency. 
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