Changes to our services due to Coronavirus
Concerns for the Coronavirus
Governmental guidance, epidemiologic evidence, and all our concerns regarding COVID-19 have registered with the leadership at the San Diego Center for the Blind. In order to ensure the safety and health of our clients, staff, volunteers and the general public SDCB has decided upon the current actions during this time.
All classes and other services to students and community members will cease today, Monday, March 16 2020. Face-to-face services will not resume until early April.  

We urge you to follow official advice and to remain safe and well. This includes proper cleansing of your hands, coughing and sneezing protocol and using common sense for social distancing.

Please call for updated information or questions regarding Classes, the Store and Low Vision Clinic.
San Diego 619-583-1542
Vista  760-758-5956
Low Vision Store 619-583-1542 x161
Low Vision Clinic 619-255-9741
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