Beauty Company Champions the Blind

Picture Of Clearlogic Beauty ProductsDid you know that 70 percent of blind or low-sighted individuals are unemployed? So it will probably come as little surprise that the vision loss community is often excluded from diversity and inclusion conversations in the workplace. After watching his mother become blind and overcome obstacles, Isaac Shapiro, CEO and founder of beauty brand Cleanlogic, was inspired to champion the blind community.

"Growing up with her, I watched how she lived independently and dedicated her career to advancing the lives of the blind or visually impaired through computer training and using adaptive technology to obtain employment," Shapiro told Campaign US. "That's why I'm a social entrepreneur, and always wanted to give back to the blind and visually impaired community."

Please reach out to SDCB to learn more about our programs and services for the blind and visually impaired.

"How beauty brand Cleanlogic is championing the blind community in the workplace"

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