Dangerous Hand Sanitizers Can Cause Sudden Vision Loss

A hand pumps hand sanitizer into a waiting handWearing face masks and carrying around hand sanitizers is the new normal for tens of millions of men and women worldwide. As the number of people contracting COVID-19 increases along with the death toll, we must do everything in our power to protect against contracting the deadly virus.

Many of you may remember that we all faced challenges acquiring hand sanitizers for months. Companies around the globe in countries with little industrial oversight seeking to meet the growing demand have put people at risk of blindness and death.

Safe hand sanitizers are made with isopropanol (ethyl alcohol). However, in Mexico, one can buy methanol-based hand sanitizers or rubs. Unlike isopropanol, methanol is toxic to humans and can cause blindness or death when absorbed through the skin.

SDCB can help you or a loved one with vision loss or blindness. Please contact us to learn more.

NCDHHS warns of methanol-contaminated hand sanitizers that can cause blindness, death

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