Drug Could Prevent Blindness
blindnessThyroid eye disease is a condition that can cause blindness. Inflammation in the back of the eye makes them bulge and may also squeeze the optic nerve, causing blindness, according to Dr. Raymond Douglas, a professor of surgery in the division of ophthalmology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Douglas is the lead author of a study that involves a new drug that may prevent thyroid eye disease for causing blindness. Teprotumumab is still awaiting FDA approval.

"Teprotumumab was extraordinarily effective. We hope that people with thyroid eye disease won't have to suffer as they have in the past. With treatment, they're not going to be blind. They're not going to be disfigured. They can even watch their kids playing soccer when it's windy," Douglas explained.

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"New Drug Could Stop Thyroid Eye Disease Blindness”

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