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Eye Strain Discussed

A cartoon of a man in front of a laptop wearing headphones With so many people using computers, phones and other screens much more than usual during this time, some people are feeling eye strain through out the day. Understandably, many are concerned about the long term impact of screen time and the associated eye strain. 

In a recent interview, a doctor discusses the impact of eye strain on your eyes, reassures that screen time alone will not damage your vision, and gives tips for relieving or minimizing eye strain. 
  • Take short breaks during which you look 20 feet in the distance for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to give your eyes a break
  • Use lubricating eye drops when your eyes feel tired or dry
Dark mode or blue light glasses may help with sleep cycles, though this doctor doesn't recommend them specifically for protecting your eyes. 

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Dealing with Eye Strain

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