Finishing Education Despite Blindness
blindnessA student at Texas Tech lost his vision after undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor.  Colin Baxter, 22, a senior at Texas Tech, underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove some of a tumor that (among other things) put pressure on his optic nerve causing him to go blind. Following the surgery, Baxter woke up to find he was now living with blindness. In spite of his unfortunate discovery, Colin decided he was not going to let his disability prevent him from finishing his education.

“Being a history major, I’m not the first blind person and I won’t be the last, so it's just kind of making a conscious decision, you can be angry or disappointed and I’m just happy to be alive,” Baxter said.

If vision loss affecting your life quality, SDCB offers many programs that can help.

“Texas Tech student returns for senior year after battle with blindness”

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