From Blindness to Art Therapy
blindnessAlbert Jordan Arguilla, born with septo-optic dysplasia – the disease caused total blindness in his right eye and partial vision in his left eye – is a Southwestern College Arts Major. He plans to become an art therapist so that he can help others with disabilities. After all, painting helped Arguilla cope with his visual impairment; he says that art helped him deal with his depression.

“The only thing I’ve wanted more than becoming an artist is helping people,” he said. “Whether it’s to help people through their hardships and struggles, helping them find their way in life, or helping them reach their dreams and goals through art or not. I feel like I can do all that and more by pursuing art therapy.”

If you need assistance, SDCB offers several programs to aid people living with vision loss.

“Blind student finds his flow with painting”

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