Goalball is a Sport for People Living with Blindness
blindnessTyler Merren, 34, is a Paralympic USA goalball silver medalist. Merren is living with blindness, but that does not keep him from making a difference in his community and beyond. On top of training for the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020, he is a father of four, personal trainer, and public speaker.

“I was born legally blind, but my vision was clear enough until I was 14. I was born with tunnel vision. I could see in front of me – but as I got older my visual acuity got worse.”

He is training hard for Japan; to compete in the upcoming games his team has to be one of the top two teams at the IBSA International Qualifier in Fort Wayne, IN, this summer.

Many people are faced with the medical field no longer being able to improve their vision. SDCB can help you take steps to promote your independence. Please contact us to learn more.

“Despite Blindness, Physical Trainer and Motivational Speaker Aims for 2020 Tokyo Paralympics”

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