Heathrow Airport Caters to People Living With Visual Impairment
visually impairmentAira, a free-to-use app, connects airline passengers living with visual impairment directly to a trained professional agent for guidance on navigating through Heathrow airport. Those who use Aira can get help finding specific locations, such as gates and special assistance facilities. The airport is also SignLive-friendly, this app connects passengers to trained British Sign Language translators on demand.

“We are transforming the assistance service we provide to our passengers and empowering them to be as independent as possible when they are travelling through Heathrow,” said Jonathan Coen, Director of Customer Relations and Service at Heathrow Airport. “We have already invested £23 million in an upgraded contract with our special assistance partner, OmniServ, and introducing new equipment, training and technology to help improve our service. Aira takes us one step further – and will deliver a better travel experience for the 6,000 passengers each year that would otherwise feel less independent and less prepared when they begin their journey via Heathrow.”

If you require assistance for visual impairment or vision loss, please contact the San Diego Center for the Blind.

“Heathrow Airport using Aira app to support visually impaired passengers”

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