Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Combat Blindness
blindnessA benefit concert was held to raise money for a boy with a super rare disease, panhypopituitarism. The condition led to severe autism and blindness in 5-year-old Terren Weidman. However, there is a treatment that could help the young boy called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Unfortunately, it will cost Terren’s family roughly $4,000.

“For kids with autism, it goes anywhere from five words before therapy, to after therapy around 100. We’re hoping because of his rare condition, his cells in his eyes didn’t develop, with this extra oxygen and blood, that he might be able to get some vision before school starts.”

If you are struggling with vision impairment or blindness, then please contact SDCB. Our vision rehabilitation services can help you regain some independence.

“Benefit concert held for local 5-year-old suffering from severe autism, blindness”

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