Learning Braille Through Play
BrailleIt is essential that blind and sighted children play together! Braille Bricks by Lego allows for children living with blindness to engage with kids with perfect vision. The Lego Foundation, which is funded by the Lego Group, has a new project that will alter the knobs on the regular bricks into Braille dots. Braille Bricks will feature both Braille dots and written letters.

“When they get Lego in their hands, it’s intuitive for them,” said Diana Ringe Krogh, who is in charge of the project for the Lego Foundation. “They learn Braille almost without noticing that they are learning. It is really a learning-through-play approach.”

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“Lego Is Making Braille Bricks. They May Give Blind Literacy a Needed Lift.”

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