A Day in the Life of a Blind Child

Picture Of A Childs EyeLast Sunday, Feb. 28, was World Rare Diseases Day. The company Novartis, the maker of ophthalmological treatments, released a video that seeks to show the general public a day in the life of a blind child. The animated film, “He who did not see the stars,” focuses on a rare ophthalmic disease, such as Hereditary retinal dystrophies (HRD). Novartis states:

“Hereditary retinal dystrophies (HRD) represent a group of rare diseases affecting the retina. These pathologies are due to the alteration (mutation) of genes (more than 250 to date) involved in the functioning and regulation of cells of the retina. Progressive and gradual loss of vision which may progress to blindness.”

Please reach out to San Diego Center for the Blind to learn more about our vision rehabilitation programs and services.

“Ophthalmic diseases: a video immerses us in the daily life of a blind child”

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