Never Let Blindness Get You Down

Picture Of A Coffee ShopMillions of Americans are living with vision loss and blindness. While losing one's vision can be a devastating blow, it does not mean you have to give up on your dreams. Even though Wayne Schwartz is blind, he does not let blindness prevent him from fulfilling his dream of operating a coffee house. He and his wife converted a vacant pizza parlor into a coffee shop. Never let blindness get you down is a maxim Schwartz lives by today.

"We had parents that were hard-working, and they didn't take the approach 'that well you poor children, you can't do it.' No, they gave us jobs to do and they just expected us to work and do our part in the family. They raised us with a work ethic that nothing is going to come to you free," said Schwartz.

SDCB offers many programs and services for adults living with vision loss and blindness. Please contact us to learn more. 

"Blindness doesn’t stop dream"

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