Remembering the Inventor of Braille Blocks
BrailleSighted people don’t spend much time looking down when they walk city sidewalks. Many individuals have never stopped to wonder why some sidewalks are bumpy or grooved. Blind people and the visually impaired can tell you that there is a lot to glean from what’s under your feet. Paying attention to tactile signatures beneath one’s feet is a real lifesaver for countless people around the world.

The late inventor Seiichi Miyake made an enormous contribution to the vision loss community when he imagined sidewalks infused with Braille. Tenji blocks, or “braille blocks,” guide people living with blindness safely. Straight imply one is heading toward safe zones; elevated domes indicate treacherous traffic ahead.

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“The Google Doodle Honoring Seiichi Miyake Will Make You Think About What's Under Your Feet”

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