Stevie Wonder an Inspiration to All

Stevie Wonder on stage performingEvery American adult and many millions around the globe are familiar with the R&B sensation Stevie Wonder (Stevland Hardaway Judkins). Most people also know that he has been living with blindness since he was a baby, the result of being born premature and receiving too much oxygen in the incubator, which ultimately resulted in his retinas detaching. 

At the age of 70, he is still an inspiration to all of us, a man who never let blindness stand in his way. His unique style of music – combining soul, gospel, jazz, and R&B – influenced The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Prince, and Bob Marley. He once said:

"My mother always told me that I could do anything as long as I was careful."

If you are living with vision loss or blindness, the San Diego Center for the Blind can help you improve your life quality. Please contact us to learn more.

Soul legend Stevie Wonder at 70


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