Teenager Accomplishes Much Despite Blindness
blindnessBlindness is an obstacle to be sure, but it does not have to stop people from achieving remarkable feats. Fifteen-year-old Rylea Fields may have accomplished more than much older people. Fields was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Even though she has lost her vision, she is a cheerleader and a gymnast. What's more, she helps other young people who are living with disabilities.

"I think we're all given talents and things we're good at and we should share those things with others," Rylea added. "That's why we're here. If we can make life better for others, put a smile on someone's face and keep the fairytale alive for someone, it's what we should do."

SDCB helps people living with vision loss and blindness. Our programs and services can significantly improve your quality of life.

"Blindness didn't stop Mansfield Legacy sophomore from cheer, gymnastics, helping others"

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