Vision Loss Became A Catalyst For Music

Picture Of Musician Brooke MoriberThere is no way of knowing how one would respond to losing vision, either temporarily or permanently. In either case, it is sure to be a frightening experience. However, some people take the hand they're dealt and dive headfirst into their passion. Singer, songwriter Brooke Moriber's sudden, temporary vision loss became a catalyst for music. She explains that her eye disease and subsequent treatments gave her a better understanding of who she was as an artist and what she wanted her music to be.

"[Since then], after a year of the A&R process with Reviver [Records], I felt like we were right at the cusp of figuring out who I was [as an artist], but I felt like something was missing," she continues. "Then, it was like a light bulb went off in my brain and I was like, 'Oh my god, I remember why I started writing music in the first place and this is what I want to share with people. I want my music to be healing. I want to connect with people so that they don't feel alone in whatever they're going through'."

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"Temporary Vision Loss Helps Brooke Moriber See The Healing Power of Music"

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