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A Father Asks His Blind Daughter to Go Skiing
It is not difficult to imagine how vision loss could impact one’s life in a myriad of ways. You might think that living without vision would be cause for losing hope. The truth is quite the opposite, and we can see examples of this all around us. Doctors diagnosed Danielle Umstead with retinitis pigmentosa when she was thirteen, a degenerative eye condition that causes complete blindness over time. Despite being blind, her father invited her to go skiing in 2001; she fell in love with the sport and the activity gave her life new promise.

Umstead would be put to the test again, developing multiple sclerosis in 2010. Seventeen years after first losing her vision, she is competing in the Winter Paralympics starting March 9th. A remarkable story of perseverance in the face of blindness.

Please share with us your remarkable story in spite of blindness.

"I'm A Paralympic Alpine Skier, And I Don't Let My Blindness Hold Me Back"

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Cornea Transplant Viability Extension
researchA national clinical research trial led to some promising findings regarding storing corneal donor tissue. Until now, corneas could only be stored for seven days or less, if surgeons are going to use the tissue. The study found that the cornea, our eye's clear outer covering, is still viable for transplant after 11 days of storage. The findings appear in JAMA Ophthalmology.

“Finding ideal donor-patient matches requires time, technology and manpower. Lengthening the timeframe for tissue evaluation will ultimately help expand the donor pool,” said Dr. Macsai, an ophthalmologist at NorthShore University Health System, Glenview, Illinois, and president of the Cornea Society, a U.S.-based international society of corneal surgeons.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we offer several programs that can help.

"NIH study finds donor corneas can be safely preserved for longer period"

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February is Low Vision Awareness Month LVAM
low visionThanks to modern medicine the average American live longer than their ancestors. However, that doesn’t mean that a person’s body is going to function normally. In fact, eye diseases and vision loss are a significant public health concern; 4.2 million Americans ages 40 and older are visually impaired. Experts project that visual impairment will affect 7.2 million by 2030. As many as 5 million will struggle with low vision.

“Low vision is a visual impairment that cannot be corrected by standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery.”

If you’re are living with low vision, SDCB can help improve your quality of life.

"Low Vision Awareness Month"

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Ski for Light Teaches the Visually Impaired XC
Visually ImpairedOn the 28th of January, the 43rd Annual Ski for Light International Week came to a close in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Each year, the event works with visually impaired and mobility-impaired people, giving them cross-country ski lessons. Ski for Light has over 115 able-bodied volunteer guides training more than 250 attendees.

“One of the most critical components to a successful ski week and to the success of Ski for Light is the recruitment of new guides, without whom skiing would not be possible,” Ski for Light Bulletin Editor Andrea Goddard tells The Norwegian American. “Our volunteer guides want to be there just as much as each of the participants does, and this makes for a galvanizing, egalitarian organizational culture that is unsurpassed in my experience.”

Anyone who participated in Ski for Light is welcome to share their experience with SDCB.

"Visually and mobility-impaired skiers meet"

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Happy Birthday Braille Reading and Writing System
vision lossBraille code has helped countless people living with vision loss access knowledge for nearly 200 years. Without the 64 character reading and writing system, it’s hard to say how blind people would have fared in life; although, one can imagine not all that well. Today, computers and software open the doors to education for those experiencing vision loss; begging the question, is the raised dot matrix still required?

Researchers at the University of Birmingham’s Vision Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research (VICTAR), say that technology and braille are friends, not foes.

Assistive technology can help you navigate life with greater ease, please contact SDCB to learn how we can help.

Happy birthday, Braille: how writing you can touch is still helping blind people to read and learn

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One of the Hardest Games in the World Played Blind
blindAnyone who has tried their hand at golf knows that it’s a challenging sport. People play the game for decades and still struggle to finish a round under par. Imagine, then, trying to play the game of golf blind, pretty difficult to picture, right? However, there is at least one man who’d disagree, four-time American blind golf champion Mario Tobia. The pro blind golfer has a degenerative condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, an eye disease in which the back wall of the eye (retina) is damaged.

"When I first lost my vision it was pretty traumatic," Tobia tells CNN Sport. "I had to stop working and things like that. Now I actually tell people that golf saved my life."

We’d love to hear your remarkable stories of playing sports without your sight.

“'You don't have to see it to tee it' — Meet blind golf champion Mario Tobia

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Ending The Cause of Preventable Blindness
blindnessTrachoma, a bacterial eye infection, is the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness. The most significant number of people affected by Trachoma-related blindness live in Ethiopia. Despite the fact that the blinding eye infection is easily treatable with antibiotics and simple surgery, the condition has been neglected. Experts say that the disease is not new, scientists found evidence of the bacteria in Egyptian mummies. The World Health Organization set a global target to end Trachoma cases by 2020

“It is a disease of poverty,” explained Teshome Gebre, the International Trachoma Initiative’s regional director for Africa, in his office in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. “You don’t find it in the developed world or even the developing world.”

SDCB can help anyone experiencing vision loss, we have several programs that can improve your quality of life.

"The Biggest Cause Of Preventable Blindness Just Won’t Go Away"
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Ending Blindness by 2020
blindnessSeven out of 10 people who are legally blind are unemployed and 50 percent battle with depression. TIME Magazine voted eSight as a Best Invention of 2017, electronic glasses which can give people living with blindness the chance to see. The company pledged to help make blindness history by 2020. You can see the first time people see with the help of eSight, at

“More than a quarter of a billion people on this planet lack the incredibly precious gift of sight,” stated Jeffrey Fenton, eSight’s Director of Outreach and Communications. “Their experiences – in the classroom, in the workplace, in the home – are significantly and unfairly limited. Every once in a while, a new technology is introduced that changes absolutely everything. eSight is an example of that.”

Assistive Technology can significantly improve your quality of life, giving you a greater sense of independence.

A Profound Vision of the Future: eSight Pledges to Make Blindness History by 2020

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Protecting Your Eyes Against Vision Loss
Between 2010 and 2050, the National Eye Institute estimates that people affected by eye disease that can cause vision loss will double. Such conditions include age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. However, there are several steps you can take to protect your eyes from experiencing problems, such as having regular eye exams.

SDCB can provide your loved one with several resources to improve life quality.

Five tips for healthy sight

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Artist Chris Visions Blindness Leads to Cornea Transplant Surgery
blindnessChris Visions, an artist who is known for Dead Letters and Gwen-Spider, is blind in his left eye due to Keratoconus, a progressive eye disease. Visions will undergo cornea transplant surgery at the end of the month.  Keratoconus runs in the family; Chris’ father has had three cornea transplants for blindness.

"To catch you up if you don't know, Keratoconus (what I've had since high school) is basically when your round eye decides overtime it wants to be a football. Eyeball, you’re not a football, silly," Visions wrote on Facebook. "The condition stresses the cornea, distorting vision and refracting light in weird ways. Eventually it thins your cornea to the point of a tear, i.e. where I am. So now I'm basically looking through a scar on my eye, which allows little to no visibility, mostly just light."

If you are living with total or partial blindness, SDCB has some programs that can help.

Chris Visions Undergoing Eye Surgery Following Partial Blindness

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Preventing Vision Loss Due to ROP
Vision LossROP (retinopathy of prematurity) is a blinding eye disorder that the National Eye Institute says affects as many as 16 thousand preemies in the U.S. each year. Babies who are born prematurely are at risk of vision loss; Stevie Wonder was six weeks early, and it cost him his vision. Dr. Michael Chiang is an advocate for early screening and ROP treatment, fighting against two common obstacles to early diagnosis: accessibility to experts and a lack of standardized tests. Dr. Chiang uses an eye injection called Avastin in ROP cases:
“In the course of a week, it [ROP] basically reversed itself,” said Dr. Chiang. “If you diagnose it early enough that you can treat it, prevent a baby from going blind for their entire lifetime. We’ve got to make that diagnosis correct. We’ve got to make it on time.”

If you are living with ROP, we have some program features that can improve your quality of life.

Doctor works for early diagnosis of ROP to prevent blindness in preemies"
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Success In Spite of Blindness
BlindnessWarren Moore was born with a condition called Coloboma, which involves underdevelopment of the retina and iris. In his late 30’s, he decided to quit teaching music after his vision began to deteriorate due to cataracts. Moore went on to start a catering company and opened several successful restaurants with his wife, Georjean. In spite of his blindness, Moore shows that following your dreams is possible.
“It was a surprise. I knew how to deal with limited eyesight, but hadn’t counted on the cataracts,” says Moore. “I didn’t want to shortchange my students, so I had to reinvent myself.”

If you are struggling with vision loss, SDCB can assist you in many ways.

Warren G. Moore: Blindness Doesn’t Stop His Business Success in North Carolina"
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Color Blind Artist Can Hear Colors
BlindNeil Harbisson, 33, is color blind but that doesn’t prevent him from being an artist. He can compensate for his achromatopsia, or complete color-blindness, through the use of an antenna that allows him to "hear" color through vibrations in his skull. Harbisson's implant gives him the ability to "see" in UV.
“My understanding of the world has become more profound. The more you extend your senses, the more that you realize exists. If you’re in the same house for years, there’s a repetition of what you perceive there. If you add a new sense, though, the house becomes new again.”

What are your thoughts on using cybernetics to enhance a person’s senses?

How a Color-Blind Artist Became the World’s First Cyborg"
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When You Are Blind Sometimes Going Up Is The Easy Part
BlindExperienced climber Brian Dickinson reached the summit (29,000 feet) of Everest just before he went “snow blind,” a form of photokeratitis that is the result of UV rays reflected off ice and snow. Circumstances led to him soloing the climb; if not for a series of miracles Dickinson, would not be alive today. It would be a month and half before Brian regained his eyesight.
As an aside, Nepal recently banned solo climbers, blind people and double amputees from attempting the harrowing climb, The Guardian Reports. The Nepalese tourism ministry believes the new rules will save lives; naturally, the regulations have led to criticism from multiple fronts.

Are you a blind mountaineer? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Everest ban.

A 'Blind Descent' from Mt. Everest
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Tea May Lower Your Risk of Blindness
BlindnessThere are coffee drinkers and tea drinkers, but it turns out that latter may be at an advantage—at least when it comes to vision loss. A new study indicates that daily caffeinated tea drinkers may be at a reduced risk of developing glaucoma; a group of diseases which are harmful to the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and blindness. Millions of people worldwide suffer from glaucoma-related blindness.
“More research is needed to establish the importance of these findings and whether hot tea consumption may play a role in the prevention of Glaucoma,” the researchers told Science Daily.

We invite anyone living with blindness to learn about our programs, SDCB can assist you in many ways.

This Common Drink Could Prevent a Leading Cause of Blindness"
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Promising New Treatment for Diabetes Related Vision Loss
Vision LossThere were an estimated 285 million people worldwide with diabetes in 2010, according to the journal Eye and Vision. More than one-third of people with diabetes have signs of diabetic retinopathy (DR), and a third of such people struggle with vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy (VTDR). A potential way of stalling or even reversing diabetes-related blindness has shown promise in animal models by suppressing levels in the eye of the protein that is believed to cause vision loss.

If you are struggling with diabetes-related blindness, SDCB can help.

Method may reverse vision loss from diabetes"
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Stem Cells Treat Blinding Diseases
Blinding DiseasesMost blinding diseases are the result of damage to the photoreceptors in the eyes. Photoreceptors convert light into an electrical signal that is sent to the brain, thus creating an image. Promising new research suggests that stem cells can treat blinding diseases. Doctors can place a stem cell in the deep layers of the retina, creating new photoreceptors. Researchers have successfully used stem cells to treat animal models with retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.

If you have experienced partial or total vision loss, SDCB can help you maintain your independence.

Stem Cell Research: New Hope for Restoring Vision"
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Becoming a Champion Despite Blindness
blindnessEdward Henry Greb, aka "The Pittsburgh Windmill," was the American light heavyweight boxing champion from 1922 to 1923 and world middleweight champion from 1923 to 1926. While he was a remarkable boxer (298 fights in 13-years), he achieved his championships despite being blind in his right eye. A boxing injury in 1921 resulted in a retinal detachment and blindness, a fact that he hid from the public.  “Greb was one of the greatest fighters of all time," said Tommy Loughran, one of Greb’s opponents.

Reaching for the stars is possible even without eyesight, we’d love for you to share your achievements in spite of vision loss.

Partially blindness couldn't stop Harry Greb taming the boxing world"
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Blind and Autistic Boy Walks by Faith Not By Sight
BlindChristopher, a young boy with the voice of an angel, came into this world with the deck stacked against him. His aunt and uncle adopted him after a stint in foster care. Christopher was born at 26 weeks with cocaine in his system. He received oxygen for 100 days, but his eyes were unable to adequately develop—which led to retinal detachment in both eyes. Being blind and autistic made it challenging to communicate, so his adoptive parents hired a music therapist who quickly discovered that Christopher has perfect pitch.
"My blindness does not limit me, I just do things differently," Christopher said. "It enables me to see people as they really are. I see no color, tattoos or crazy hairdos. It bothers me that people prejudge each other. How different would it be if everyone chose to see with their hearts?"

SDCB can train you or your loved one in the use of Assistive Technology, tools which can improve life quality.

Teen overcomes blindness and autism with music"
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A Cure for River Blindness is Desperately Needed
blindnessOnchocerciasis, aka river blindness, is a disease caused by a parasitic worm transferred to people in tropical environments by black fly bites. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed onchocerciasis as a neglected tropical disease. Some 37 million people are living with river blindness, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. There are treatments available for the condition, but there is little economic incentive for drug companies to invest in a cure, according to two retired scientists who are searching for a cure. Please take a moment to listen to a short interview with the scientists.

We offer counseling, classes & support groups, vision rehabilitation services; we can help you build your independence.

Two retired scientists volunteering to find cure for River Blindness"
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Technology Helps the Visually Impaired
Visually ImpairedIn the 21st Century, it’s easy to take technology for granted, most of us rely on various gadgets to assist our lives, such as smartphones and GPS. However, for the visually impaired, technological advancements can monumentally improve life quality. A legally blind 16-year-old received the gift of virtual vision, just in time for Christmas. Alyssa Baxter is using Vuzix M300 augmented virtual reality glasses, the device helps her do many things, such as identifying colors, detect moods on faces, magnify surroundings up to 15 times, and read text in more than 100 languages.
"It's really, really amazing," Baxter said. "I think they'll be really helpful, and I think it will be a big difference. And let me do things normal people do."

SDCB can train you or a loved one in using Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired.

Student receives virtual reality glasses to help sight"
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U.S. Health Officials Approve Treatment for LCA
blindnessLeber's congenital amaurosis (LCA) is a rare inherited eye disease that presents itself at birth or in the first few months after birth. The vision-destroying genetic mutation can now be treated with Luxturna, a gene therapy injection that replaces a defective gene, which prevents the retina from converting light into electronic signals sent to the brain, with a corrective gene. LCA induced blindness only impacts a small group of Americans, but the FDA approved intervention is a significant advancement in the field of vision loss.
"One of the best things I've ever seen since surgery are the stars. I never knew that they were little dots that twinkled," said Mistie Lovelace of Kentucky, one of several patients who urged the FDA to approve the therapy at a public hearing in October.

If you are experiencing blindness, SDCB can help you improve your quality of life.

FDA approves gene therapy for rare form of blindness"
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Fundraiser Raises Money to Purchase a Braille Notetaker
BrailleAn eye care company started a fundraiser called Holiday Lights for Sight. The company was able to raise money for a local child who is losing his vision, using a display of 20,000 lights, set to music. Jalen Rodriguez, is a junior in high school who has a rare disorder causing vision loss. Over $2,000 dollars has been raised to purchase a Braille notetaker for Jalen; the device is a specialized computer that will assist him with his school work.
“With the support of his friends, family and the school community, Jalen has learned skills and strategies to compensate for his visual impairment.”

Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired and for the Blind can help you with many everyday tasks, SDCB can help.

"Holiday Lights for Sight helping Woonsocket student get Braille device"
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Research May Help Doctors Prevent Vision Loss from Macular Degeneration
macular degenerationNew research could assist ophthalmologists in stemming the tide of macular degeneration. Dr. Jayakrishna Ambati and colleagues discovered that an enzyme called cGAS, which plays a vital role in the body's immune response to infections, unexpectedly has a hand in killing cells in the retina. Researchers are currently working to develop drugs that could inhibit the enzymes function.
“Almost 200 million people in the world have macular degeneration. If macular degeneration were a country, it would be the eighth-most-populated nation in the world. That’s how large a problem this is,” said Dr. Jayakrishna Ambati, vice chairman for research of UVA’s Department of Ophthalmology and the founding director of UVA’s Center for Advanced Vision Science.

If you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration, SDCB can help you remain independent.

"UVA Discovers Trigger for Macular Degeneration that Robs Millions of Vision"
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Looking Toward the Future Despite Vision Loss
vision lossRoughly 21 percent of blind or visually impaired adults over 25 years of age do not have a high school diploma, and only 22 percent have earned a bachelor's degree, according to the American Foundation for the Blind. With help, people with visual impairment can succeed in school, and pursue dreams of higher education. Lindsey Towns experienced vision loss at the age of 13, and yet she continues to excel in school with the help of her visual impairment teacher.
"This is my 39th year of working with blind children or visually impaired students, and we have books and things they can follow through, but they're very difficult for them to understand sometimes, so I try to make it personal for each individual student, however they learn best," said Bill Rogers, a visual impairment teacher. 

If you or a loved one has suffered vision loss, the San Diego Center for the Blind can help your family in a number of ways.

Despite Vision Loss, Student Doesn't Lose Sight of Success"
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Blindness is One Result of the American Diabetes Epidemic
blindnessA UCLA study shows that 9 percent of adults in California have been diagnosed with diabetes, a severe health condition that can result in blindness, heart disease, stroke and infections resulting in amputations. High-sugar intake is one of the leading causes of diabetes. A significant number of Californians meet the criteria for prediabetes, which means the need for prevention programs is enormous.
“Investing more now in diabetes prevention and education will save our state billions of dollars down the road,” said Cal. Sen. Bill Monning.

If diabetes has taken your vision, we can help you with Assistive Technology, A Key to Staying Independent.

Diabetes Hitting Hard in California, Costing Billions for Treatment"
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Over 75 Physically Impaired Athletes Inspire Others
Physically ImpairedBlindness or paralysis doesn’t keep people from fulfilling their dreams of achievement. Last week, more than 75 adaptive athletes competed at the 2017 Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship in La Jolla, CA. The four-day competition concluded with Team Brazil taking gold, Australia the silver, and Team USA the bronze.
“This Team Gold Medal will inspire so many others to get into the sport in Brazil and around the world,” said gold-medalist Alcino Neto.

If you are an adaptive athlete your story can inspire other young, physically impaired individuals to consider sports. We’d love to hear your story.

Brazil Crowned World Champs At 2017 Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship"
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Visually Impaired Restaurateur Feeds Service Men and Women in CA
visually impairedRon Long’s service in the U.S. military shaped his life in more ways than one, stealing his eyesight and developing his principles for living a meaningful life. After being blinded by a chemical agent, Long’s honorable discharge for being visually impaired led to becoming a restaurant and mobile food service businessman. His delicious “Santa Maria Style Barbecue” and the speed in which it can be made, and served, landed him a dining contract for the Navy in San Diego. He also has a portable barbecue pit stationed at the U.S. Army National Training Center in Fort Irwin, CA. Long also hosts fundraising events for the Army Emergency Relief Program and Toys for Tots.
“Having served in the military, they really make me feel like I’m one of them,” said Long. “They treat me like family and I even go on vacation with some of them. It’s the least I can do to give back.” 

If you are visually impaired and need assistance, the San Diego Center for the Blind can help. Let us help you rebuild your independence!

"Ron Long: A Blind Entrepreneur Still Supporting the U.S. Military"
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Daily Tasks Made Easier with Assistive Devices
Assistive TechnologyA variety of assistive devices and gadgets are available due to advances in technology in recent years. Often with the goal of granting access to services or products to as many people as possible while minimizing barriers and usability difficulties, various assistive devices are coming to market rapidly. These handy inventions can make daily tasks less challenging for people with disabilities.
Take a look at a few  handy gadgets that are aiding those living with disabilities. 

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

Assistive Tech: Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way"

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Unstoppable Jazz Musician Henry Butler
Blind Jazz Musician, Henry ButlerAt 6 years old, an undeniable musical gift emerged in Henry Butler. Today, at the age of 68, Mr. Butler is a nationally recognized pianist, vocalist, and composer despite losing his sight as an infant due to glaucoma. He explores various genres including jazz, gospel, blues and classical. Mr. Butler’s talent does not end with him being a brilliant musician. He also possesses a passion for photography. His work can be seen in various exhibits and in the HBO documentary “Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers.” Learn more about Henry Butler’s unstoppable spirit that allows him to offer his artistic gifts to the world. 

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Despite blindness, Henry Butler drives his music career forward — sometimes literally"
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Making Math Accessible
Lindsey Towns, low vision math studentStatistics indicate that vision loss makes academic success challenging. Low vision and blind students who graduate from high school and college are a minority. Facts like these don't seem to phase 13-year-old Lindsey Towns who experienced vision loss just before entering 8th grade. Lindsey's favorite subject is math although a universal audio tool for learning math does not exist today. She has found creative ways to accommodate her disability. In the meantime, a system is being developed  that can reduce learning barriers for disabled students. Read more about  how a project developed by an alumnus of Lindsey's school may help her and others acheive their academic dreams.

How has assistive technology helped you? Let us know in the Comments section.

"Despite loss of vision, BTW student doesn't lose sight of success"
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Researchers Test Dissolving Drug Implant for Treating Glaucoma
GlaucomaMany who suffer with glaucoma use eye drops as part of their treatment plan. The medication can prevent irreversible blindness if done in the early stages. Typically, the drops need to be administered 3 times per day though. It can be arduous to keep up with a timetable of this intensity. To make it even more challenging, much of the medication is drained into the patient's blood instead of inside the eye. Researchers at the UCSF Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine believe that dissolving implants could be the answer. Read about this new glaucoma treatment researchers are currently testing.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Glaucoma: Hiding in plain sight"
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Story of a Blind Lamb Teaches Children To Never Give Up
Peanut of Blind Faith Farm by Jim ThompsonPeanut was born without sight. Her owner knew right away as the lamb stuck close to her mother and seemed to find her way by using sound. Peanut soon learned how to find food, water and face challenges though. Watching the little lamb, inspired owner Jim Thompson to pen a children's book that is motivating readers of all ages to fight through adversity and live their best life. Read the story behind the book, Peanut of Blind Faith Farm.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Story shows blind lamb's tenacity to overcome obstacles"
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Blind Veterans Demonstrate Their Athletic Abilities
Blind veterans play adaptive hockeyWith a few modifications, most sports can be adapted for the visually impaired. This goes for ice hockey as well. While adaptive hockey has been enjoyed in Canada for several decades, it has only recently been introduced in the United States. The players appreciate having the opportunity to use their athletic ability and are experiencing the benefits of community connection with their teammates at the same time. Read about how a group of blind veterans are using blind hockey to  overcome challenges. 

What sports have you tried recently? Let us know in the Comments section.

Blind vets take to the ice in Saranac Lake"
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Low Vision Grooming Hacks
Low vision morning routine adjustmentsWhen vision deteriorates, the morning routine can bring on feelings of  frustration. Tasks like hair styling, shaving or applying make-up  which were once routine  turn into challenging exploits that seem impossible. Fortunately, those who are willing to make a few simple adjustments can enjoy less frustration, smoother mornings and the confidence that comes  from starting the day looking neat and put together. Learn about a few simple adjustments that can make mornings happy again.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Macular Degeneration Aids for Grooming"
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The AWARE Wayfinding App Helps The Visually Impaired Enjoy New Spaces
Rasha Said, founder of Sensible Innovations devised the AWARE wayfinding audio-appThose living with vision loss, often visit new locations ahead of time to memorize the space. They sometimes worry about getting lost. For this reason, Rasha Said developed a program that uses a smart phone app to provide information to the blind that many sighted people take for granted. This information helps the visually impaired navigate independently and also offers the freedom to explore. Learn how the WayFinding app is helping the visually impaired gain independence 

What smart phone apps have you tried? Let us know in the  comments section.

Smart navigation: Springfield developer’s app helps visually impaired"

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Seeing With Sound
Daniel Earle uses castanets to make noises and use echolocation to see with his ears.Echolocation uses sound waves and echoes to determine the location of objects. This method, used by bats to find food and navigate in the dark can also be used by humans. In fact, with training, the visually impaired can learn to be skilled at echolocation giving them the ability to see the world around them through their ears. It's another tool that can be used to give independence to those who live with vision loss. Learn how some blind people are using echolocation to walk and ride bikes independently and more.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Rising popularity of bat-like echolocation helping more blind people see through sound"
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Sight-Impaired Doctor is Helping Others Discover Their Abilities
Dr Jitender Aggarwal, a dentist who lost his vision due to macular degeneration Dr. Jitender Aggarwal lost his vision in 2004 and learned first-hand about the difficulty of engaging with a community that was often inaccessible to those living with a disability. This experience fuelled his passion to help others gain the skills needed to create more inclusivity.  Since that time, he has helped close to 10,000 people with disabilities obtain skills and jobs in different sectors of business.
Read about Dr. Aggarwal's journey from vision loss to helping others who live with a disability.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"The story of a doctor who lost his eyesight; fought back and helped 10,000 people with disability find jobs"
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ebay Gives Tips on How to Create an Accessible Corporate Culture
eBay leads the way in digital accessibilityCompanies have a few good reasons to improve digital accessibility. Increasing bottom line profits and avoiding litigation top the list. Corporate giant, eBay has appointed an Ambassador for Accessibility and suggests that improvements to this area can offer great returns and provide surprising opportunities for growth.
Learn why eBay is making accessiblity a priority and how others can too.

What company can you commend for great accessibility? Let us know I the comments section.

"Creating a Company Culture that Promotes Accessibility"
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Seattle Art Museum Makes Art Accessible
Group of visitors with low or no vision at Seattle Art MuseumFor people living with vision impairment, getting out socially can be challenging. It may seem unlikely that visiting an art museum could be a social event for the blind. The Seattle Art Museum does not think so. Every month, the museum hosts guided tours complete with trained escorts prepared to describe art pieces to the sight-impaired. Learn how a museum uses art for community building and social enrichment for those living with vision impairment.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Seattle Art Museum program brings art to those with low or no vision"
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Visually Impaired New York Marathon Runner Will Race Unassisted
Visually Impaired New York Marathon Runner, Simon Wheatcroft,Running a marathon is hard work. Running a marathon without vision assisted by a guide is hard work. Running a marathon without vision and without a guide seems impossible. Thanks to assistive technology, called Wayband, a blind runner will cross the finish line at the New York Marathon unassisted for the first time. Learn more about how runner Simon Wheatcroft plans to use assistive technology to compete in the NY Marathon.

 If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Blind New York Marathon runner depending on technology rather than aide to finish race"
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Bionic Eye Helps Blind Man See For The First Time In 20 Years
Blind man sees with help of bionic eyeDue to a degenerative eye disease, Walfre Lopez experienced vision loss over 20 years ago. He recently underwent a complex surgery which implanted a computer chip in the back of his eyes. With the use of special glasses he can now see shapes and contrasting images and is learning to use his new found 7th sense as vision. Learn more about  Mr. Lopez's surgery and how it has impacted him and his family. 

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Bionic Eye Helps Georgia Man See"
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Glaucoma Left Him Without Sight But Not Without Hope
Painter Ken Alexander is opening his art studioPainter Ken Alexander's life is full of challenges. Mr. Alexander has faced each one with the determination and courage. From being a single dad to beating prostate cancer, Ken has persevered through hardship. He was diagnosed with glaucoma which eventually caused vision loss. That has not stopped him from moving forward with his dreams to pursue an art career. He just opened studio. Learn more about what motivates painter, Ken Alexaner

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"A Fortuitous Visit to Artworks Gallery Inspires Blind Painter to Continue"
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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Creates Growth
Blind skateboarder, Dan MancinaDan Mancina lost his vision due to a degenerative eye disease. Although he had been skateboarding since he was 7 years old, he was unable to continue this activity as a person with vision loss. Until, he decided to do it anyway. Through practice, hard work and perseverance, he is proving that there are no limits to the human spirit. Learn more about what Dan and how he inspires others.

Share about a time you got out of your comfort zone? Let us know about it in the comments section. 

Blind skateboarder inspires others to achieve"
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Accessibility Is Not Just a Legal Obligation It is a Moral One Too
Digital composite of businessman presenting earth interface with connecting devicesIn recent years, accessibility lawsuits against companies have increased. With 20% of the population living with a disability, it would be wise for businesses to take this issue to heart. It is expected that the percentage of those living with a disability will increase as baby boomers get older. Creating an atmosphere of inclusion is simply morally right. Learn more about what companies can do to ensure that their website is accessible to everyone.  

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"How To Prevent A Web Accessibility Lawsuit"
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Nearly 3 Decades of the ADA Has Progress Been Made
Daughter fights for healthcare accessibility for her visually impaired motherHer mother was blind for as long as she remembers. She can recall times from her childhood when her mother was not given equal access. The Americans with Disabilities Act has changed that. Or has it?  Her mother's most recent hospital stay left this daughter scratching her head and searching for answers. Learn more a daughter's fight to ensure that her blind mother received access to the same services as everyone else. 

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Denied, Delayed, Discriminated: My Mother’s Healthcare Experience as a Person with Blindness"
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Educating Others About Vision Loss
Visually impaired women dispel misconceptions about blindnessThese women lost their vision at different stages of life. They now educate others and create awareness on what vision loss looks like and willingly share insight on how best to support them and those like them. They are successfully building a culture of sensitivity and teaching those around them how they would like to be treated. Learn more about what Jennifer and Sandy are doing to dispel misconceptions about blindness.

What are some misconceptions you've experienced? Let us know about it in the comments section. 

"They're blind, but their insight is 20/20"
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People Did not Believe She Would Have a Bakery One Day
Vegan Baker who lives with vision lossCarina's Bakery is special for so many reasons. It was created by a courageous and determined woman who wanted to offer a variety of vegan baked goods. The shop is equipped with assistive technology and signs that encourage customers to be patient. Dogs are welcome. The visionary behind this project is visually impaired and so are the employees. Learn more about what makes this bakery special 

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Beaverton vegan baker is legally blind, but has a clear vision of the future"
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Blind Assistant Public Defender Demonstrates Independence
Blind Assistant Public Defender, Steph FernandesSteph Fernandes wanted to use her education to serve and inspire young people. When she got the job as Assistant Public Defender, she was given the opportunity to live out her dream. Her presence in the courthouse has sparked conversations about blindness and independence as well as encouraged dialogue around accessibility. Learn more about Steph's personal story. 

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"Blindness doesn’t hold back Luzerne County assistant public defender"
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How Fouls Can Lead to Great Purpose
Vera Jones, mother of son who lives with vision lossVera Jones, a collegiate basketball athlete had been inducted into the Hall of Fame and was used to winning. Winning almost never comes without hard work and the ability to face challenges though. Her strong will and determination were engaged off the court, when her son faced one of his toughest battles – losing his sight. Learn more about the lessons this mother/son team mastered and are now teaching others.

Have you faced a difficult life challenge? Let us know about your experience in the comments section. 

"Vera Jones: This is What a Blind Son Taught his Mother about Vision"
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