Braille UNO Cards
BrailleIn previous posts we wrote about Braille Bricks: Legos that have Braille on them. The company went a step further last month when it began offering building instructions for the visually impaired via Braille readers.

Now, the toy company Mattel is working on inclusivity. The company now offers a Braille deck of UNO cards. Developed in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), UNO Braille makes the game accessible to blind and low-vision players.

"It's a sighted world, so it's important to have accessibility for the blind," said Raveena Alli. "But also to be able to pull out a deck of cards and say, 'Hey, there's Braille and print on this, do you wanna play?' And it will just be really fun."

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“Mattel debuts first official Braille deck of UNO cards”

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