Occupational Visual Therapy Services

Our occupational therapy services

At the San Diego Center for the Blind, we also offer occupational therapy in conjunction with our Low Vision Clinic and our optometric services. These services are specifically designed to provide strategies on how to function at home, work and/or school environments.

Description of occupational therapy
An occupational therapist is rehabilitation professional who educates and trains individuals to increase their independence. Using the information from the low vision optometry evaluation, the occupational therapist teaches skills on how to use your remaining vision more effectively based on your specific goals. The first visit with the occupational therapist is an evaluation lasting approximately two hours and then you may be scheduled for additional training sessions lasting one to two hours.

  • Strategies to use the area of your vision that will help you see best
  • Adaptations so that activities are easier to perform
  • Instruction on how to use low vision aids, such as magnifiers and telescopes, to meet specific goals
Contact our Low Vision Clinic
Contact Our Low Vision Clinic
  • Contact our Low Vision Clinic staff to learn more about how they can help.
  • Schedule an appointment at our Low Vision Clinic, which includes an assessment.
  • You will be scheduled at one of our convenient locations.
San Diego: 5922 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92115
Vista: 1385 Bonair Road, Vista, CA  92084

Low Vision Clinic:  619-255-9741 
Email: lvc@sdcb.org
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