Services For The Blind and Vision Impaired Testimonial

Photo of woman sharing her testimonial of services for the blind she received from SDCB
What our clients love about the San Diego Center for the Blind!

“It is so important for me to tell all of your this; no matter how long ago it was, the importance of what you teach in your welcoming, heartfelt manner has been an outstandingly life-changing experience.

I will always use each important tactic and information you have given me (whether in practice or during a visually difficult time).

My neuro-ophthalmologist recent found much more macular degeneration. I pray that I will be able to keep the vision I have now. But I have no fear of the future because of the training and confidence you have instilled in me …

Life is not done throwing punches …
Now I have a pretty good “Return” and uppercut!

I dearly and wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you!
Live in love and laughter always!”

— SDCB Client
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Contact Our Low Vision Clinic
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