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12-cool-gadgets-for-the-blind allan 0
an-introduction-to-assistive-technologies-for-the-blind-and-visually-impaired allan 0
european-union-requires-electric-cars-to-make-noise allan 0
53-innovations-for-the-blind allan 0
new-smart-cane-opens-new-possibilities-for-the-blind allan 0
vision-buddy-visually-impaired oblomov 0
app-help-blind-youth oblomov 0
virtual-education-vision-loss oblomov 0
app-concept-visually-impaired oblomov 0
robotic-white-cane-blind oblomov 0
music-videos-visually-impaired oblomov 0
righthear-app-blind oblomov 0
radio-set-blind oblomov 0
digital-experiences-blind-audiences oblomov 0
induction-stovetop-blind-people oblomov 0
wearable-computer-vision-device oblomov 0
mimica-touch-blind-people oblomov 0
voice-dream-reader-visual-impairment oblomov 0
smart-backpack-visually-impaired oblomov 0
technology-visually-impaired oblomov 0
menus4all-blind-vision-loss oblomov 0
assistive-technology-for-vision-loss oblomov 0
providing-vision-to-people-with-visual-impairment oblomov 0
bionic-eye-promising-in-trials TaraVicars 0
correcting-color-blindness-with-glasses TaraVicars 0
assistive-technology-for-the-blind TaraVicars 0
blind-photography TaraVicars 0
Augmented Reality for Low Vision oblomov 0
New Device Helps People Living With Blindness oblomov 0
IrisVision Helps People Living WIth Vision Loss oblomov 0
Paying eSight Forward to Kids Living with Blindness oblomov 0
Assistive Technology Smart Glasses for Blindness oblomov 0
Legally Blind Twins Dream of eSight oblomov 0
Daily Tasks Made Easier with Assistive Devices faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Making Math Accessible faith@madmarketeer.com 0
The AWARE Wayfinding App Helps The Visually Impaired Enjoy New Spaces faith@madmarketeer.com 0
How Google Glass Can Help The Blind faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Apps that help with a multitude of daily tasks faith@madmarketeer.com 32
Making books more accessible to the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 30
A new mobile app for movie lovers faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Startups getting involved in educational opportunities for visually impaired kids faith@madmarketeer.com 8
A successful lawsuit to create accessibility and awareness faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A new camera with haptic memory capacity faith@madmarketeer.com 19
A New Tool to Help People Learn Braille faith@madmarketeer.com 26
A whole new way to use your tongue faith@madmarketeer.com 14
Seeing the basketball for the first time faith@madmarketeer.com 7
Hackathon produces prototype of technology to help the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 29
A tablet that allows 3D access faith@madmarketeer.com 14
A second wedding so the groom can see the bride faith@madmarketeer.com 10
Free or reasonably priced apps for the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 9
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