A designer and an organization find success in a new venture
A stylized ballgown with jewels in the corner of the imageThis is a great article about an up and coming designer, Trish Cox, who needed to scale up her production and came across an organization who trains visually impaired people in a variety of jobs and skills.

The organization was able to implement the project to provide steady, interesting, hands on employment to people who may otherwise have had trouble finding work.

It says a lot about the designer to be willing to give it a shot, but also goes to show that with the proper training and equipment, visually impaired people can do just about anything. 

If you are experiencing vision loss, please visit our Programs page to learn more about what SDCB offers. 

These Gorgeous Designer Gowns are Made By Blind Dressmakers

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Posted by avia on 10/28/2017 05:37AM