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Bad Braille Signage Across America
BraillePeople living with vision loss rely on Braille to lead an independent life. However, an investigation reveals incorrect Braille at many public facilities across the country. Vencer Cotton, 41, said that he once entered the women's bathroom because of bad Braille in Washington D.C. Incidents like the one Cotton experienced are not isolated.

"I swing open the door, I dive in, and I get that screaming group of ladies in a haste to put me out," Cotton said. "And that was simply because the sign ... said 'Men' in the Braille."

Now, almost 30 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act became law, and incorrect Braille appears to be a systemic problem in the U.S.

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"Bad braille plagues buildings across U.S., CBS News Radio investigation finds"

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