Independence Never Tasted So Good - (Re)learning Cooking Skills After Vision Loss

Cooking is one of the most important skills that many people will learn or relearn after vision loss. After all, cooking for yourself means independence, and for many people it's also a fun hobby that you shouldn't have to give up just because your vision is changing. At the same time, cooking can present serious dangers to people with visual impairment, so it's important to learn the tools and techniques that can help you get around the kitchen safely - and deliciously!

George Rivas, who enrolled in cooking classes at San Diego Center for the Blind after he lost 90% of his sight two years ago, is one of those people with a passion for the kitchen - so much so that the student became the teacher! Now he teaches others the cooking and kitchen safety skills that he learned here at the Center. Recently he appeared on San Diego 6, showing off those skills by making chorizo scrambled eggs with cheese - om nom nom. And don't miss the cameo from our CEO Kim Gibbens!

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