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Braille Patches Help People with Vision Loss Find Independence
BrailleA mother's determination to help her child knows no limits. Gracie Benedith-Cane's son has a rare condition - septo-optic nerve dysplasia - that causes serious visual impairment. A quest to help him live more independently led her to create adhesive braille patches for his clothing. Cane started a company called Braille Code Inc.; she sells the Braille patches to help others utilize her innovative patches.

"The patches, they're adhesive and you could stick them to clothes. And it has directional cues such as back, left, and right," said Wani. "If the Braille's on the inside that means it's inside-out and if it's on the outside, then it means it's fine."

If you are experiencing sight loss, please contact SDCB. We offer many programs and services that can help you lead a more independent life.

"PARENTS Mother invents braille patches to give her visually impaired child independence"

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