Braille Watch Provides Users Freedom and Privacy
brailleSmartphones allow the visually impaired a new sense of freedom and independence, thanks to several innovative applications. Now, blind people can utilize smartwatches to improve life quality. The Dot Watch has a touch display in which 24 dots rise and fall, spelling out words in braille; users can also link the watch to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The stylish watch can relay information from social media, texting and GPS apps. The Dot Watch is available to purchase for $359.

“Our mission won’t stop with the Dot Watch, in fact, it would only pave the road to a bigger and better future,” Dot Inc. website reads. “With the technology in our Dot Ecosystem, it will be possible to pursue an entire spectrum of education: from simple braille acquisition to advanced tactile-graphic representations.”

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This Smartwatch For Visually Impaired People Has A Braille Display

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