Capturing the Experience of Blindness
blindnessEarlier this year we wrote about Michael Nye's book "My Heart Is Not Blind: On Blindness and Perception," and how he hoped to get people to focus on a diverse group of people living with blindness.  Nye’s book – compiled over seven years – explores the blind experience through personal narratives and photographic portraits.

“I think when the public thinks of blindness, when they think of it at all, they think of disability and of inability,” Nye said. “But the experience of blindness is so unique and different for each person, and I think that is revelatory in terms of experience in a larger way.”

The National Federation of the Blind, as a part of its annual Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards, honored Nye’s work by granting him $15,000. The award recognizes innovators who challenge perceptions and break down boundaries faced by the blind.

Please contact the San Diego Center for The Blind if you require assistance for vision loss. We offer many programs that can help.

“Photographer Michael Nye Reflects On My Heart Is Not Blind and Recent Award”

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