Carving Braille Designs Out of Ice
BrailleThe Bozeman Chapter of the Montana Association for the Blind gathered together to do something pretty impressive last week. They carved ice! Not just any carving either, they sculpted the BMAB logo along with the corresponding Braille! 

BMAB President Todd Fahlstrom points out that Bozeman lacks hands-on activities for people living with vision loss. He says the ice carving is an opportunity for people to learn that vision loss doesn’t have to hold you back.

“There are very little things that are tactile that we can touch when you go to a museum,” said Fahlstrom. “Everything is behind glass, so how you do you experience that? So I wanted an event where we could actually have people come up to the ice and feel it. And so it will be cool to see. I have never felt braille in ice. So it will be a fun experience doing that today.”

Braille is a tactile writing system utilized by individuals who are visually impaired.

People living with vision loss are not alone; support and resources are available. Please contact SDCB to learn more.

“Ice sculptors carve braille designs for Bozeman chapter of blindness association”

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