Cataract Surgery for Animals
cataractAnimals are susceptible to vision problems, just like humans. A gorilla named Leslie residing at the San Diego Zoo recently underwent cataract surgery. The three-year-old gorilla is the first at the zoo ever to receive lens replacement surgery. The procedure was conducted by a University of California at San Diego surgical team.

"In babies, they've demonstrated that, if you do not correct cataracts quickly, the brain actually starts shutting sight to the affected eye," said San Diego Zoo associate veterinarian Dr. Meredith Clancy. "Gorillas are very social and, in the future, she will need to find a mate, she will want to raise a family. We just didn't want this to get in the way of her chances to live a full, happy life."

If you need assistance for vision loss, please contact SDCB to learn more about our programs and services.

"Leslie, a Safari Park gorilla, undergoes cataract surgery"

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