Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Care Essential to Eye Health

A contact lens on a woman's outstretched handWith approximately 45 million Americans wearing contact lenses, it's scary to think that many haven't been told proper care information, or, at least, they haven't properly heard and absorbed it. 

One-third of contact wearers over the age of 18 don't remember ever being given care information for their eyes and contacts. Nearly 20% remember only very minimal information. Yet, the majority of care providers say they give the needed instructions on a regular basis. 

What are the important care tips everyone needs to know?
  1. Always wash and dry hands before handling contact lenses
  2. For reusable lenses, always wash and store as dictated by doctor or provider
  3. Store lenses in the proper case, wash case between uses and allow to dry
  4. Use only products to clean and store lenses that are recommended for that purpose
  5. Maintain regular appointments
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Patients Aren't Hearing Contact Lens Care Information

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