Helping Visually Impaired People Read
visually impairedVisually impaired men and women benefit from the assistance of sighted people. The Braille Association of Mid-Florida is assisting individuals in accessing novels in Braille, whether they live in Florida or Sweden. Volunteers associated with the Braille Association of Mid-Florida transcribe books, classroom handouts, and worksheets into Braille for the visually impaired.

“When you take braille out of the picture for a blind individual, you take away literacy,” said Marianne Witengier, a former teacher of visually impaired students in Orange County, Florida, and president of the Braille Association of Mid-Florida. “So we’re focused so that every child who needs Braille has the opportunity. That’s our focus.”

Please reach out to the San Diego Center for the blind if you are visually impaired or experiencing vision loss. We offer several innovative programs that can improve your quality of life.

“When visually impaired students have the need to read, these volunteers are there to help”

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