Living With Vision Loss in a Pandemic 

Living With Vision Loss in a pandemicNot all physical impairments can be identified by strangers. Mary Mammoliti shares her experiences during the pandemic as a visually impaired person. She has only limited central vision and often relies on a sighted guide for outings. 

She has had rude comments made when she has come too close to someone without seeing them in our socially distanced world. Employees at stores have tried to keep her husband and guide from entering with her because of limits on the number of people from a household allowed into a store. She has been told she's not allowed to hold the hand of her guide. 

She urges everyone to be kind. To lead with kindness. To consider there may be something you can't "see" that is keeping someone from being able to independently follow the guidelines being set out for safety. 

SDCB can help you or a loved one with vision loss and blindness. Please contact us to learn more.

"Are You Blind?" Navigating a Socially Distanced World With A Visual Impairment

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