New Show About Living with Blindness
blindness“In the Dark,” a series meant to highlight what it is like to live in blindness debuted Thursday, April 4 on The CW. The show stars Perry Mattfeld as confident and rebellious Murphy Mason, a young lady living in blindness. You may find it interesting to learn that many cast members and most of the sitcom’s extras are blind in real life. Mattfeld hopes the show will raise awareness about the millions of people living with blinding eye conditions.

“The majority of our extras are blind. We do have multiple people on the cast who are blind as well, so you’re seeing them in a different light. You’re never encouraged to feel sorry for them - which I love,” says Mattfeld. “(Murphy) says multiple times, ‘I hate when people give me the pity and compassion crap. I don’t want that.’”

Preparing meals, paying bills, shopping, studying or working are obstacles that individuals who experience vision loss deal with each day. At SDCB we help men and women lead the most independent lives possible. Please contact us to learn more.

“'In the Dark' sheds light on life with blindness”

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