Powerlifter Living With Blindness
blindnessCharles King went blind at 39; his blindness stole his will to live. His disability brought him to dark places literally and figuratively. After struggling for years, King managed to rediscover a new sense of purpose through weightlifting. The 69-year-old Philadelphian is a blind powerlifter; he finished first in his weight and age class last month at the United States Association of Blind Athletes National Powerlifting Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Mentally and physically, he had to put himself together,” said Joe Braca, owner of Underground Gym in Flourtown, who agreed to help train King.

“I said ‘OK God, that’s it. I quit.’ I literally quit and just went out on the streets and joined the homeless,” he said. “I hoped that because I was blind, someone on the streets would kill me.”

SDCB assists men and women who are living with blindness and vision impairment. Please contact us to learn more.

“Philly powerlifter, 69, overcame blindness, homelessness, addiction, cancer, and the death of his daughter to become a champion”

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