Scientists Study Piano Player with Blindness
blindnessImprovisational musician, Matthew Whitaker, may be living with blindness; however, a neuroscientist has discovered that Whitaker's visual cortex goes into overdrive when he plays the piano. The prodigy jazz pianist has lived with blindness since the age of 11. Whitaker lost his vision due to retinopathy of prematurity, a disease that can lead to blindness.

Whitaker's talents caught the attention of Dr. Charles Limb, a surgeon and neuroscientist. Dr. Limb uses MRI brain scans to find out how exceptionally creative people like Whitaker can shine.

"I think anytime somebody watches Matthew play piano the first thing that you think is, 'How does he do that?' Except rather than just wondering I'm actually trying to answer the question," Limb said.

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"Meet the blind piano player who's so good, scientists are studying him"

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