Two Blind Brothers Clothing Company
blindBrothers Bradford and Bryan Manning came up with a brilliant idea one day after shopping at Bloomingdales. On that day the two young men bought the same shirt. The fascinating aspect of this occurrence is that both Bradford and Bryan are blind; they made their choice of shirt not on aesthetics but by the softness of the fabric. Their idea: design and create clothing that caters to people’s sense of touch rather than sight. Their profits will go toward fighting blindness.

“We’d always done projects together and are super close,” says Bradford. “We care about helping blindness. We care about raising awareness. And we also want to have fun. We thought this consumer brand might be a way to do that.”

If you would like an overview of the programs we offer to people living with vision loss or blinding eye diseases, please click here. Feel free to contact us for more information.

How Two Blind Brothers weaved Dallas into a touching story of shirts for the visually impaired

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